Mushroom Mini Farms/Craft Kits

  • How do I know when my mushrooms are ready for harvest?

    Shiitake mushrooms are ready to harvest just after the "veil" separates from the stalk, revealing the gills. The cap should be very round and convex-it's edge curled down towards the middle. Once the edge of the cap flattens or becomes concave, the mushroom is considered "over-ripe".

    Tree Oysters are ready to harvest basically when they stop growing. This usually happens when they measure about 2" across. As with the shiitake, they should be round, convex and fleshy.

  • Can I cut my mini-farm in half?

    You should not cut your mini-farm in half. Doing so will drastically reduce or eliminate production.
  • I lost the instructions for my mini-farm. Can I view and print them here?

    Yes. Please see the links below.


    Shiitake Mushroom Mini-Farm Instructions


    Tree Oyster Mushroom Mini-Farm Instructions

  • Can I bring/can you ship mini-farms overseas?

    No. The mini-farm is considered an agricultural product and is not allowed into most foreign countries or Hawaii.
  • At your store you have mini-farms displayed under glass bell jars. Should I grow my mim-farm under a glass dome?

    No. We use the glass bell jars for display. Mushrooms need oxygen and air circulation in order to grow. If kept under a bell jar, your mini farm will not grow.
  • What are ideal conditions for my mini-farm? Can it grow outside?

    Each mini-farm comes with detailed instructions outlining the best conditions for growth. They are designed to be grown indoors and do best at temperatures below 70° Fahrenheit.
  • How many mushrooms will my mushroom mini-farm produce?

    Both our shiitake and tree oyster mini-farms will produce about 1 1/2-2 pounds of mushrooms. Please read the descriptions of our mini-farms for more information.
  • Can poisonous mushrooms begin to grow on my mini farm if their spores come in contact with the growing medium?

    No. Our mini farms are inoculated so that the only mushroom that will grow will be the desired species you have selected.
  • How long can I store my mini farm before activating?

    Our mini farms will hold well under refrigeration for up to one week.